4 Tips on how to organize and manage your coupons

2020 is by far the craziest year so far in the 21st century. The pandemic forced all of us to rethink and restructure our lives while staying home under quarantine. While the stay at home regulations have been revoked, the pandemic is far from over. With less physical shopping and more online (an extra $107 billion spent due to COVID19), it is even more important to make smart decisions. Looking for discounts, free shipping, and the best price was never before so important. Let’s see how to handle and organize coupons the 2020-way.

Don’t print out online coupons

Most of the new couponing apps are capable of presenting your vouchers offline on your mobile screen. Regardless of the format, the store will be capable of scanning the coupons’ QR code without an issue. This leaves voucher printing as an unnecessary habit, and hey, you save money with it too!

Store your loyalty cards online

Take a quick look at your wallet, if there are more than 3 cards (including the ones issued by your bank), then you bring too many with you, and you probably do that for any kind of activity, not just shopping. Ask yourself the question: do I really need that many cards to pick up children from school, or to go for a family dinner? If the answer is an honest no, then there is an app for your smartphone that helps you to get rid of the annoying loyalty cards. Stocard is a way to digitize your reward cards by either scanning them or inputting their special card numbers into the app.

Tag your coupons and organize them using a photo album

If you need to print out the coupons, or they are physical anyway, you will need a place to store them. Cut them out, if they arrive within a magazine, and put them into a transparent photo album. You definitely want to avoid a situation, in which you need to start searching for the right vouchers in front of the cashier, while a huge line of discount-angry shoppers is waiting behind you. The best way is to either tag them by shop, by product, or think through your route within the mall and put the coupons in place in the best logistic order.

Tag them in your calendar

Another 2020-style, innovative approach is to upload coupons in your calendar. If you have ever found an out-of-date, yet unused coupon for a product you should have brought but forgot - now that is quite the stress. Make a photo of the physical vouchers and upload the pictures into your Google Calendar (you can also do that with online coupons). The key here is to set an alarm a day before the sale to have time to fit shopping into your daily schedule.

The best is to use all of the above method, which will empower you to shop smart with more discounts than before, while not carrying tons of extra cards with you.