Stacking coupons on grocery delivery

You may have switched from grocery shopping in person to preferring a curbside pickup or grocery delivery option during the pandemic. But then you may wonder: how do I save money with this option? Coupon policies for grocery pickup can be confusing, especially because of the different ways some stores treat digital and paper coupons. This article breaks down the coupon stacking policies for grocery pickup at individual grocery store chains. Let’s take a look:

Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer is the Kroger brand’s chain of one-stop shops in the Pacific Northwest. The company allows for stacking of manufacturer and store coupons, both with paper and digital coupons. The regular couponing rules of the chain still apply. You can order groceries for pickup on the Fred Meyer app or (formerly ClickList; see the explanation under the Kroger section below). You hand whatever paper coupons you want to use over at pickup.

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter’s grocery pickup policies can be slightly confusing, but only if you don’t know the rules. Harris Teeter allows for coupon stacking but only paper with paper or digital with digital. You cannot stack paper coupons with digital coupons. Printed coupons also count as digital when it comes to this policy. So you can stack manufacturer and store coupons, but only if they are of the same type.

If you accidentally mix them up, Harris Teeter will use whichever coupon is for the highest value, but disregard the other(s). Make sure your coupons work for whichever store you pick up from since Harris Teeter sometimes has store-specific coupons.

Harris Teeter grocery pickup can be ordered from the Harris Teeter App or If you do choose paper coupons, hand them to the clerk when your order is delivered to the curb.


Kroger grocery stores allow for coupon stacking for grocery pickup, regardless of whether the coupons are digital or paper. You can use both manufacturer and store coupons and stack them to get the best deal available.

There are a couple of things that could be confusing about Kroger’s grocery pickup. First, you may be searching for a brand name that Kroger no longer uses. Kroger stores (including Fred Meyer) used to use the name ClickList to manage their grocery pickup orders. This seemed to confuse too many customers, so Kroger stores' online order page is now found on the Kroger app and website as “Pickup.”

Second, your online order total will not reflect the discounts from your digital coupons. However, the total that appears when you pick up your groceries will include discounts from these coupons.

Third, when you give your paper coupons to the Kroger clerk at pickup, he or she may have to take the coupons inside to scan them. Don’t worry; the employee isn’t walking away with your coupons!

Once those are scanned, and your groceries are loaded, you can drive away content, knowing you’ve saved a bunch of money through your paper and digital coupons.


Publix does not allow for the use of paper coupons for grocery pickup or delivery. Never fear; you can still stack your digital coupons on Publix orders. Publix uses the Instacart service for its curbside pickup and delivery services. You can find manufacturer’s coupons through Instacart and add digital store coupons on top to increase your savings. Make sure to check the coupon to fulfill all the requirements, like item minimums.


Another grocery store owned by Kroger, Smith’s is a supermarket chain in Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Since it is in the Kroger family, Smith’s also follows the same rules for paper and digital coupon stacking. Use your digital coupons when you order on the Smith’s app on, and hand your paper coupons to the Smith’s employee when they bring your groceries out. The discounts will be removed from your total, and the Smith’s clerk will hand you a new paper receipt.


Target does not allow for paper coupons to be used for grocery pickup orders. However, you can stack manufacturer and store coupons when you order your groceries for pickup in the Target app.

Keep a close watch on what kind of coupons you’re using, because Target has different limits set for the different types of coupons. If you’re using a percent-off coupon, it can be used up to four times per transaction. Dollar-off manufacturer coupons, on the other hand, can only be redeemed once per transaction.


Walmart does not allow for coupon use with its grocery pickup service. However, there are still ways to save money. First time Walmart grocery pickup customers can usually find a promo code to get $10 or so off their order. Existing customers can refer their friends to grocery pickup and may get some money off of their next order after a few friends sign up. Finally, every so often, grocery pickup customers get a freebie bag from Walmart to thank them for using the service! Grocery pickup is always free and can be ordered through the Walmart app.

Quick hits

Here is the lowdown on some other stores that you may be considering for grocery pickup

  • Aldi: does not accept coupons, and your items may be more expensive if you choose grocery pickup. Stick to shopping the store instead.
  • Fresh Grocer: no longer allows for coupon stacking, either in-store or for pickup.
  • Giant: allows coupon stacking, but curbside pickup is not available in all stores. Check the website to make sure your store is included in curbside pickup.
  • Sprouts: digital coupons only.
  • Trader Joes: still no curbside pickup!
  • Whole Foods: coupon stacking is allowed in the store, but it is unclear whether you can stack coupons with curbside pickup. Also, there may be fees involved in curbside pickup if you’re not a Prime member or your order is less than $35.